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Best Mattress in India 2018

To find the best mattress in India we spent two days reading through reputed websites and customer reviews.

Best Hair Dryer in India 2018

To find the best hair dryer, we spent a day going through some of the most reputed fashion and technology websites and reading through customer reviews.

Best BP Monitor (Blood Pressure) in India 2018

To find the best BP monitor in India, we consulted two Cardiologists from Apollo BGS hospital in Mysore.

Best Digital Weighing Machine in India (2018)

To find the best weight machine, we spent 11 hours going through thousands of verified customer reviews and review videos.

Best Hair Straightener in India

We tested 8 hair straighteners on 3 people and collaborated with Jawed Habib to find the best hair straightener.

Best Trimmer for Men in India

We partnered with the stylists at Studio 11 to find the best trimmer for men in India.

Best Sunscreen Lotion

We conducted an experiment and analysed over 160 sunscreens and their ingredients to find the best sunscreen lotion for you.

Best Moisturizer for Dry and Oily Skin in India (2018)

We analysed over 162 moisturisers with the help of three top rated dermatologists on Practo in Chennai.