Choosing the right hair straightener for straightening your hair is a hard task with too many options out in the market. If you are trying to get the frizz out of your hair with a straightener, then Phillips is a very popular choice. We noticed this and chose three Philips models for our testing to find the best hair straightener.

The brand makes use of various technologies such as Kerashine, Ionic Conditioning, Silkprocare, etc. that claim to protect and nourish your hair.

So we tested the three different models by using them on different hair types and getting the opinion of a Jawed Habib salon in Bangalore as well. We also analyzed Philips’ warranty policy to make sure you are buying a good straightener.

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List of models

Out of a choice of 240 hair straighteners available to us for our research, we tested out three most popular Phillips hair straighteners. They were:

  • Philips HP8317 Kerashine Jojoba Straightener
  • Philips BHS384
  • Philips HP8318

  • How we tested?

    Our testing included getting the opinion of a stylist from Jawed Habib on each of the straighteners. We then used each hair straightener on a single person and checked how long the straightening effect lasted. While doing this we also noticed the quality of the straightening we got. We were mainly looking for straighteners that gave us a smooth and poker straight finish.We also noted if the effect we got was glossy. We also made sure to check how each of the straighteners performed on various textures of hair (wavy, fcurly and fine) on regular at-home users. We’ve mentioned the results for the three Philips models below. If you are not hell-bent on getting Philips then you might want to read our “Best Hair straightener article”. Based on our research and testing we found Remington to be the best.

    Our experience with Philips BHS384

    Vividly colored and beautiful Philips BHS384

    The Philips BHS384 is great choice if you are on a budget. During our tests, we found that the BHS384 model did considerably well against the other two that we tested. As far as the physical aspects of the flat irons, the BHS384 was the lightest model of the Philips models we tested. It has a slim purple body  with an easily operable lock. It is easy to hold (because of its slim body), is stylish and has a plug that securely attaches to the socket compared to the others. The BHS384 has two heat settings of 190 degrees and 210 degrees and a thick cord which has a swivel cord system which allows it to rotate 360 degrees. The 1.6-metre electrical cord is not as long as the others, and our testers found it to be slightly less flexible. It has sliding buttons to switch to the two temperatures. According to the at-home user, it would be an added benefit if the operating temperatures were mentioned near the temperature control button.

    It has a pair of pink coloured plates that are made of infused ceramic plates. It has worldwide voltage feature which lets you use it anywhere. This model did not make any buzzing sound (unlike the other two models) during the course of it’s working. It also incorporated Silkprocare technology which gave us a smooth and shiny finish. Silkpro technology which makes the ceramic plates smoother, allows it to effortlessly glide through hair. This is seen in the winning model, Remington.

    As per the Jawed Habib stylist, the ceramic coating on the plates was enough to protect hair from damage and allowed it to glide seamlessly on hair when she used it. The BHS384 was the fastest of the three we tested and straightens your hair in no time. Even if the straightener was at the highest setting, on usage it did not damage fine hair. It works effectively on curly hair and wavy hair as well. We found that the Phillips hair straighteners were unable to give the poker-straight effect for as long as Remington but offered a pretty good degree of straightening. While we tested BHS384, we also found that the effect lasted 8 hours lesser than our best pick - Remington. The straightener automatically switches off after 60 minutes which is an added safety feature.

    Our experience with  HP8317

    The HP8317 is not the best straightener in India. HP8317 has a pair of pink-coloured, wide ceramic plates infused with Keratin and Jojoba Oils. This particular hair straightener made use of the Kerashine and the ionic conditioning technology .The HP8317 has only one temperature setting which is of 210 degrees and a thick cord which has a swivel cord system which allows it to rotate 360 degrees. HP8317 also comes with an automatic light indicator which switches off after 60 minutes. The straightener has a wide-handle which makes it tough for anyone with small hands to operate. It has a lock which you could easily lock the plates with.  It has worldwide voltage feature which lets you use it anywhere.

    Performance-wise, it is not very versatile as it took too many strokes while straightening curly hair. During our research, we found that the HP8317 had the smoothest finish but while straightening hair it tends to pull at the strands of hair. The plates did not have a good grip over the hair and pulled at the testers hair, unpleasantly. This was the main reason why it did not make the cut. The stylist found the body to be a little heavy and she was uncomfortable using the wide-plate straightener. This was another reason why we did not recommend it. The Ionic conditioning feature did not work effectively as strands of hair still stood out in static electricity.

    Because of lack of grip, the time taken to straighten the hair was longer than other models of the same brand. We found that the hair straightener made a loud buzzing noise during the course of it’s working. Also, it lacked temperatures settings, and it pulled into hair strands making it an uncomfortable choice.

    Our experience with  Philips HP8318

    This straightener was too expensive and did not give us the poker straight finish we were expecting. The HP8318 comes with a purple body and a well-insulated cord which has a swivel cord system which allows it to rotate 360 degrees. It has a pair of keratin-infused ceramic plates. It has two temperature settings of 190 and 210 degrees each. HP8318 comes with an automatic light indicator which switches off after 60 minutes. It has worldwide voltage feature which lets you use it anywhere.

    It has a wide handle which could intimidate smaller hands. It has a locking system to shut the plates. It did have a slight buzzing sound while operating. It has Silkpro Care technology and Kerashine technology. While testing, we found that this straightener is versatile and gives a smooth finish which lasted for around 15 hours. According to the at-home user, the finish of this straightener is similar to naturally straight hair which is why she enjoyed using this straightener unlike the stylist. Like the HP8317, the stylist found that the HP8318 had a wide-grip and was heavy. She wasn’t happy with using a wide-plate straightener however she did agree that this is a good, effective flat-iron.

    We found that the HP8318 took lesser strokes and gave us a finish equivalent to our budget pick - BHS384. However, there were numerous reasons why this did not make it to our “Best Hair Straighteners in India’s winner's list”. The finish of this straightener is not as superior to the HP8317 and the lack of a versatile temperature range makes it a stale choice considering its price point. In contrast, the Remington had four main temperature settings. The HP8318 buzzes a lot during its heating time. Another major factor was the price. The price for the lack of length in time for which the straightening effect lasted is another reason.

    What are the missing features?

    In comparison to the Remington and Corioliss, the Phillips straighteners lacked the following features:

  • LED light after the plates heated up
  • Lack of a range of straighteners with different material of plates( commonly titanium).
  • Ionic conditioning is overrated as hair stills stands out in static.
  • Choices for more temperatures were missing.

  • Service and Warranty

    Like every machine, hair straighteners malfunction or become damaged, which is why you will need to get a hair straightener from a company that can service and fullfil your warranty. The Phillips hair straighteners comes with a warranty of 2 years. Warranty does not cover physical damage unless its a company defect. Under warranty, the servicing of your hair straightener will be free of cost and fees will be charged once the warranty expires..

    The philips customer care takes some time to contact however they are helpful. Charges depends on the part that is to be replaced. Charges vary and service charge in case of no warranty is 100 rupees plus 18 percent tax.

    During our research, we looked into the service centers of for Phillips. We found that the company provides service centers in all states and major cities of the country. We also found that the company does not do pick-ups and does not allow the customer to send the product for service. This is not really great. So if you don’t have a Philips service centre near you or live in the rural part of India then you might be stuck with a damaged hair straightener for some time.

    Our thoughts and Suggestions

    Through our tests, we were able to quantify whether Philips accomplished what it promised. It definitely put forth the result it promised but still, there is a large scope for innovation. We felt that the number of temperatures in the models could definitely increase. Philips must also look into using other materials as a part of the coating of the plates. Titanium hair straighteners have taken the flat iron market by a storm and are mostly used in the professional industry. They are now becoming popular with middle-class households as well. In conclusion, a good flat iron should be able to straighten your hair with minimum damage and the plates should have good heating properties with an even coating.