The problem of losing data on your computer due to an untimely power-cut is a nuisance, and chances are you have faced the same misfortune at least once in your life. But if you have the correct UPS for your PC, you can save your data. In this guide we will cover everything you must look for before you buy a UPS for your PC.

What kind of Gear do you use?

The first and most important thing when it comes to buying an UPS in india is to understand what your requirements are. If you don’t do this then you might be stuck with a product that can’t handle your system and conks everytime you expect it to help run your system.

To find your requirements, you need to know what are the things you are going to be connecting to your UPS and what power they consume. This in turn will inform how much capacity you need for your UPS.

For example, if you have a PC, monitor and WiFi router that you need connected. Check the back of the devices to find out the Wattage mentioned on them. Total it up. This is the watt consumption of your devices. Now, you need a UPS that has at least a 100 watts more than your total.

Unless you are a gamer or some one who has a PC that has heavy power consumption, a regular UPS of around 360 W should work for you. You can check out our article on the Best UPS for more details.

Key Features for UPS

Now that you know what your requirements are you can figure out which UPS is best for you by checking for the following features.


The capacity of the UPS is directly related to the amount of backup and power a UPS provides for your PC. Based on your requirements choose a UPS.

During our research, we found that 1100VA UPS proved to be a good choice for high power consumption and 600VA UPS proved to be a good fit for a regular computer. Either way, make sure to do your work on finding your power requirements before you decide on a  capacity. 

User-replaceable batteries

A lot of UPS companies allow you to purchase a new battery from them for around RS. 800 or so. This is very useful as batteries are prone to reduce in capacity as time goes on. This makes having the option to replace a battery a better deal than replacing the complete UPS itself.

During our research, we found that most companies did offer replaceable batteries.

Number of Sockets

Consider the number of devices you will need to connect and choose a UPS with that many numbers of sockets. Make sure to check in the pics they have online if the space between the sockets is enough for your plugs to go through. ALso, make sure to check if the sockets are surge-protected. The last thing you want is a damaged CPU.

The number of sockets on the UPS


When your UPS does not function properly, or you run into some problems with its working, you will need a technician's help. A UPS with service options and service centers near your location would be a good choice for you.

During our testing, we tested the service center of Zebronics, APC and Circle Power. We found that Zebronics uses in-house technicians and APC provides technicians to service your UPS, BOth of them were prompt and handled our requests professionally. Circle Power requires you to send the UPS to the service center. 

Our reciept of services received

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value of the UPS is another consideration you must make. Batteries at the end of the day are prone to reduce in capacity as time goes on. Amazon reviews and Flipkart reviews are filled with people complaining about products that stop working 6 months after purchase.

Make sure  you go through verified reviews online of Flipkart and Amazon to make sure no one has complains about the product not working after a couple of months.

Space it Occupies

This may seem fairly obvious but make sure to consider whether you have space for the UPS. A lot of UPS companies tend to have bulky products. Especially, APC. So, make sure to check the dimensions before you make a purchase.

PC connected with UPS

Connecting a Wi-Fi Router to your UPS?

If you use a Wi-Fi router for internet connection, the first concern when you face a power cut would be how to connect to the internet? A UPS can be used to connect a Wi-Fi router to give you internet connection. But not in the regular way. If you plug a Wifi router into a UPS by itself it may not work. We talked to an engineer to find out why. Here’s the reason: When you connect only a Wi-Fi router to your UPS, the UPS takes that as a “no-load” condition. A Wi-Fi router generally takes only 1.5W to run, which is not a lot and makes the UPS shut down after a couple of minutes. The solution is really simple actually. The easiest fix is to connect some other device along with your Wi-Fi router. Use a low power consuming devices, such as a smartphone charger or laptop charger.

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