If you operate a washing machine regularly, then you might have come across situations where your machine suddenly stops working or starts malfunctioning. This can be a frustrating problem as you might have a pile of laundry that needs to be cleaned.

Today we are here to ensure that you don’t face this problem again. We have listed some of the major problems that are common in most washing machines and how to solve them.

Some of these are quite easy to resolve and might save you the trouble of calling a repairman.

1. Problem: My Washer is Not Turning On

Solution: In this case, before checking anything else make sure the power socket where you have plugged in the washing machine is working properly. Make sure the socket is getting enough power. Similarly, check the main wire to ensure that it is not loose or damaged. Sometimes a faulty PCB could also be the problem. Call an electrician to figure out what the exact issue is.

Also if you have a front load washing machine, then you might check the door of the washing machine. If the door is not closed tightly, it will not start the washer.

2. Problem: My Washer is Vibrating

Solution: If your washer is vibrating more than normal, then make sure you have placed the clothes correctly in the drum properly. Reload the clothes and arrange the clothes in an even manner. Here are a few more things you should check;

  • You can check the drum to ensure that it is fixed properly and not loose.
  • Check the shock absorbers and springs of the machine to see if they are malfunctioning.
  • You can also check if the washing machine is installed properly so that the drum is horizontal. You can use a level gauge to check if the drum is in the correct position. Ensure that the machine is placed on a flat surface and is not tilting to any one side.
  • If the problem persists then there might be other issues with the motor and you should get it checked

3. Problem: My Washer is Leaking

Solution: In this case, first check all the pipes and hoses that are responsible for water inlet and drainage, they could be damaged and causing leakage. Also, check that the pipes and hoses are straight and not twisted anywhere.

The drainage pipe might be blocked or loose which might be causing the leakage. Always ensure that the door of the washer is closed tightly so that the soapy water does not leak all over the floor.

4. Problem: My Washer is Making a Strange Noise

Solution: There could be a couple of reasons for this. Check to see if there is something stuck between the drum and the outer tub. Things like coins, keys, or other things sometimes get stuck there and can cause noise. You need to get it removed by a professional as this can damage your machine.

The other reason for the noise could be loose screws or parts. To check this, you can switch off the machine and gently shake the machine. If you can still hear the noise, then there are loose parts or screws in the machine.

If the noise only occurs when the drum is spinning during washing and drying, then the problem could be with the bearing of the drum. Try to rotate the drum by hand when the washer is turned off, if the noise continues then the bearing is faulty and needs to be repaired.

5. Problem: My Washer Won’t Drain or Spin Correctly

Solution: The problem of drainage and spinning generally occur simultaneously or one after another. This is because the drainage and spin are interconnected. If you are facing problems with either of these, then check the drainage hose for any blockage. Usually, small clothing pieces, keys, coins, etc get stuck in the pipe and block it. This can cause problems with drainage.

If the drainage pipe is not the issue then the problem might be with the motor. It could be the carbon brushes, the capacitor, or even the belt that connects the motor and the drum is damaged. You need a specialist to look into this and rectify it.

6. Problem: My Washer Smells Bad

Solution: This could be because of various reasons. Clean the lint holder of the washer and disinfect it to ensure that it does not emit any bad odour.

You should also regularly run a plain water rinse. This will clean the tub. You can also use hot water to do this and this will disinfect the drum while cleaning it.

Make sure to clean and dry the soap dispenser and other places where dirt and bacteria might get accumulated in the washer.

After each wash, dry the entire drum properly and keep the door of the washer open for a while to ventilate the drum and dry it properly. This will prevent bacteria and mould growth due to the damp and dark environment of the drum.

7. Problem: Clothes Getting Ripped After Taking them out of the Washer

Solution: If you are noticing occasional ripping or tearing of buttons, hooks or tears in clothes then this could be because of improper technique to wash clothes. While washing clothes make sure to close all buttons and hooks. Also, make sure that there is no sharp object like an underwire poking out of the clothes. This can damage and tear other clothes.

You should check inside the drum and see if you can find any damage or break inside it. Any small damage inside the drum has the potential to tear all your clothes. This could also be because some parts inside the drum have become loose where the clothes are getting caught and ripping.

8. Problem: Washing Machine Pausing Mid-Cycle

Solution: This could be because the front door of the washer is opening up during the spinning cycle. The door could be loose. This could also be because of the sensor that detects the closing and opening of the door. If this sensor is malfunctioning then also the washer will stop mid-cycle.

It is important to have basic knowledge about the various problems your washing machine is facing and what could be the possible reason for it. This will enable you to solve minor problems and save the time and hassle of calling a technician every time there your washer is malfunctioning. Even if the problem is major and you need a technician to solve it, you can at least understand what they are trying to tell you and not be clueless or duped.