A washing machine is a wonderful home appliance that helps you clean a lot of your dirty clothes without any effort from your side. But with the market filled with multiple brands, models and types of washing machines finding the best one for your needs and wallet can be a little difficult.

When we set on a quest to find the best washing machine we found the Whirlpool machine to be very easy to use and extremely good at cleaning clothes. We tested the machine with blankets that were dirtied with ketchup, tea, mud and sambhar and the Whirlpool machine managed to clean them all. We also tried out most of the wash programs to understand if they really add value.

During our washing machine review, we tested the Whirlpool Stainwash Deepclean (Top load) machine for over a week. Despite testing only one model the long testing period and out equally long research prior to testing gave us insights on what you can expect when you buy a Whirlpool Washing Machine.

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A look at the Whirlpool washing machines in the market

Whirlpool makes semi-automatic, top-loading and front-loading starting at Rs.9000 all the way upto Rs.44000.

Let us look at some of the popular models they have.


Complete list of Semi-Automatic Whirlpool models in India today

Fully Automatic Top Load

Complete list of Fully Automatic Top load whirlpool models in India today

A closer look at the Whirlpool Stainwash Deepclean

Fully Automatic Front Load

Complete list of Fully Automatic Front load Whirlpool models in India today

If you are confused between the different types of washing machines do read our full review on top load machines here which looks at the performance of the top load machines. The article also has a section which easily explains the difference between the semi-automatic and automatic machines.

Features offered on Whirlpool Machines

6TH SENSE® Stainwash Deep Clean Technology

Stainwash Deep clean is a set of technologies that helps you remove stains much better. Nwo this is achieved because of a better designed 3D scrubber, a much more agitated wash program and better soaking to help remove stains.

The benefit you get from this is all your heavily soiled clothes say a blanked with mud stains or your shirts with tea or sambhar stains can be washing with a simple press of the buttons. The stainwash mode is also much simpler to use as compared to the settings on the IFB & LG machines we tested.

The results after using stainwash deep clean very excellent with our soiled blankets being cleaned much better than the other machines while also being cleaned almost an hour faster than the others. So if you are someone who needs to clean a lot of soiled clothes regularly then make sure your next Whirlpool has this feature. To see how we the Whirlpool machine actually cleans the dirty clothes do look at our full review of the washing machine here.

Express Wash

This is a function which helps to reduce washing times in case you are in a hurry to wash clothes. Unlike other machines where the Express Wash is a separate program by itself, the express wash function on Whirlpool can be clubbed with any wash program to reduce its time. 

When we tried the Express wash with the P1 (Default) program, the machine took around 20 minutes less to clean the clothes. The Express Wash program is present on most Whirlpool washing machines.

Easytech & ZPF Technology

Easytech monitors various parameters like fabric type, weight, water pressure & electricity, the maintain an optimum cleaning experience without any wastage of detergent. It also makes sure there are no electrical fluctuation related issues during wash. ZPF technology improves water filling time even when water pressure becomes low.

The Whirlpool machine we tested did show us how many spoons of detergent to use based on the wash load and the machine did function properly despite there being a small electrical issue for a seconds when the machine was running. We however couldn't test the machines working under low water pressure.


The Whirlpool semi-automatic machines have a feature known as Ace wash station.Ace wash station is basically a redesigned top panel where  you can remove the clothes and put them in a carry container, a lid folds out so you can place your detergent on it or you can even use the lid to fold and stack the clothes once they are cleaned.

Hard Water Wash

This function helps the machine to mix the detergent with the hard water. This feature is present as hard water doesn't mix well with detergent. Although this feature feature is mean to help improve cleaning with the hard water, a better solution would be to get a water softener.

Super SOAK

In manual hand cleaning soaking the dirty clothes for a while is an important step to remove most stains. While most washing machines also soak clothes, they do it for a short time around 10 minutes. With the Super SOAK enabled washing machines (Most semi-automatic machines only) the soak and scrub operation goes on for almost 25 minutes thus removing even the toughest stains.

Apart from the above mentioned features most Whirlpool machines come with the usual set of features like Child Lock, a huge set of automatic and manual programs, delay wash etc. One feature that really stands out was the positioning of the control panel, which is placed on the top side far from the reach of children and wet clothes. To know more about the Whirlpool machine and its features read our full review here, which talks about the washing machine and the tests we conducted in detail.

Installation, Warranty and AMC

Once the order is placed online, an installation of the product has to be done by the company. This installation is done free of cost (Except for extra accessories like a longer pipe, tap adapter)  by the company and a service person is sent to your house within 24 hours of delivery.

Whirlpool and IFB sent their own service person, who were punctual, were dressed in the company uniform and were extremely knowledgeable about the product. While this is helpful from knowledge point of view, the service may be slow as they service centre coverage will be less in certain areas. However Whirlpool promises a turnover time of 24 hours upon raising a service request.

We did a little digging around for customer response to service from some of the top rated products of each brand. Whirlpool had some bad reviews where people were delivered the wrong color machine or had received slow service when it came to installation. However there were not many issues of the product over a long term.

However if something does go wrong most of the washing machine parts are covered by a 2 year warranty along with 10 years of warranty for the motor. However parts like the control panel, knobs, lint filters, wheels, top window are not covered under warranty. For the parts that are covered under warranty you have to still bear the labour charges.

Taking about part replacements., the clutch is said to be an extremely rare issue, while the common issues are caused due to overloading, electrical issues and water related issues. Post warranty you can source the same parts from 3rd party suppliers who claim they use original parts in most cases.

In order to simplify the maintenance process you can buy an AMC program. With AMC, the company periodically sends over a technician to check your machines health and the labour charges are also waived off on any part replacements. Whirlpool AMC costs around Rs. 3030-4125 per year, while LG has the most affordable AMC costs at Rs. 3000 for 3 years.

Overall we felt Whirlpool had a good service coverage and had a much faster service response than IFB.

​What will be the Water and Electricity Costs incurred?

Water Usage

Most washing machines fill the drum based on the weight of the clothes. Now if we assume you are going to fill the drum with clothes and the washing machine will take max amount of water, then based on the working where the machine takes in water three times during each wash.

The water usage for a 6.2kg machine will be 160-192 litres/ day. Using the machine 5 days a week for a month will give you a bill of approximately Rs.120-140 per month.

  • The water usage for Whirlpool machines is not mentioned in the manual nor is it available with Whirlpool customer care. We used the values from the LG & IFB machines as the Whirlpool drum is similar in size.
  • These machines need a continuous water supply and cannot be filled manually.
  • All water charges are considered for the city of Bangalore

Electricity Usage

For electricity usage we have two different considerations.

1) If your house doesn't have a lot of electronic gadgets and you fall in the 100 unit slab then if we consider a usage time of 1 hour 30 minutes per day for a month. 

The assuming the machine uses 360W per hour and the price per unit for the 100-unit slab is Rs.4.7 than you can expect a monthly bill of Rs.61 for using the washing machine.

2) But if you already have a lot of electronic items in your house and your heavy electricity usage means you fall in the 200-unit slab. Than the same washing machine under the same usage conditions as 100-units will give you a bill of Rs.81/ month if we consider the 200-unit slab to be priced at Rs.6.25/ unit

  • The above value are approximate for the Whirlpool Stainwash Deep Clean 6.2kg  machine we tested and reviewed
  • All slab rates are considered for the city of Bangalore

Our Thoughts and Suggestions on the Whirlpool washing machines

When we last reviewed washing machines, the Whirlpool machine came out on top. The machine was able to clean much better than the other especially with heavily soiled clothes. A good reason for this is Whirlpools special Deep Clean features that actually help to clean better.

The Whirlpool Machines also had a good ergonomic design with the control panel placed on the top side to prevent accidental touches and water spills. This shows that the engineers and designers really care about such stuff especially considering that the control panel is not covered under warranty.

Coming back to washing, the Whirlpool machine has tons of wash programs that can take care of just about every washing need you may have. Also a nifty little feature for new user is that the machine itself tells you how many cups of detergent it’ll need to clean, Lovely isn't it?

If you look at the service although Whirlpool also relies on their own technicians they do promise a turnaround time of 24 hours. Even third party repair people admitted that finding parts for Whirlpool machines is easy and that they have good penetration in the market.

To know more about the brilliant wash programs and cleaning capacity of the Whirlpool machine do check our Best Washing Machines article here